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Anal sex is surrounded by mystery because of how it’s so taboo. When you think about it, however, anal sex is just another sex act that can bring new pleasures to couples.

With all the lies being spread about anal sex, it’s hard to find a real in-depth guide for how you can try it safely. Thankfully, we’re here to help you with a super simple guide for what you need to do to enjoy your first anal sex experience.

The pre-game prep. The preparation for anal sex starts long before you’re even in bed. Before anything else, you must empty your bowels. It sounds gross, but it’s a lot less gross than going for the main event with zero preparation.

First of all, do a #2 before you’re set to have sex. Second, give your behind a good wash with soap and water. This third one is optional but highly recommended: use an enema. An enema helps to wash away any residue that’s still in your anus. This helps to ensure that your first anal sex experience is a relatively clean one.

Lube up!Your anus doesn’t produce its own lube. That’s why you absolutely NEED to have lots of lubricant on hand. Water-based lubricants are best for your first time because they’re often non-irritating, and they’re suitable for use with condoms. These lubricants can also be used with silicone-based sex toys.

Anal foreplay.The key to a comfortable first time is foreplay. This is universal. To get your anus accustomed to any sort of insertion, start small.

Lube up your partner’s finger and get him to massage the rim of your anus. This will help you relax while also introducing a bit of lube into the hole. Next, gently insert the VERY lubed up finger into your anus. Give yourself some time to breathe and adjust before you let your partner start moving his finger. Once you’re comfortable, you can then ask him to insert another finger.

Anal foreplay can take a long time, depending on how well you’re taking it. Remember not to rush! Gentle strokes and lots of lube are very important here.

The main event.Get into the most comfortable position for you. This can be on all-fours or on your back with a pillow under your hips. Then get your guy to wear a condom, and make sure he’s all lubed up. Get him into position and ask him to gently guide himself inside as slowly as possible. Give yourself time to adjust before you let him thrust in and out.

Make your first anal experience a fun ride by following these tips!