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Sex by itself is already pretty great, but there are so many ways to spice up the experience. One of the best ways to add a little zing to your usual sexcapade is by introducing a sex toy.

Sex toys allow you and your partner to incorporate a little naughty play into the bedroom. By using a sex toy, you’re enhancing your sexual experience through the use of a simple little gadget. Keep in mind that a sex toy isn’t meant to replace skills your lover is lacking. Instead, you can use sex toys to explore new ways to achieve pleasure.

Here are some steps you can take to introduce a sex toy into the bedroom.

Talk it over. You can’t just whip out your dildo and ask your partner to willingly participate. Introducing a sex toy requires ample communication. You must first learn what your significant  thinks of these gadgets. If your partner is interested in trying it out, then you’re all set!

However, if your lover isn’t open to the idea, make sure you help them understand that your request isn’t borne out of dissatisfaction. Instead, tell your partner that you want to play around with a toy because you’d like to try something new and different.It’s not a criticism of their skills in bed.

Check out your options. You may already have a mental image of a sex toy and what it does. Oftentimes, that mental image comes from porn. Keep in mind that porn shouldn’t be your basis for how and why a sex toy should be used. Instead, try watching some instructional videos together for some of the most popular sex toys.

Let this be a bonding experience where you can both visually explore the world of unique sex toys. It’s also one of the best ways to find out what kinks you want to explore once you already have your toy.

Start small. Not all sex toys wiggle, tremble, and glow! Lots of sex toys are just small enough to add a tiny bit of oomph into your bedroom romps.

Mini egg vibrators, cock rings, and mini massagers are just a few examples of little sex toys that add a big impact. As small as they are, they can immensely enhance any sexual experience between couples.

Make your bedroom romps all the more exciting by adding a little playtime into the mix. By incorporating a sex toy into your steamy sessions, you might achieve new pleasurable heights!